Firefox jump to other workspace in XFCE

I haven’t notice when this bug occurs. When I try to click a link in Pidgin (formerly known as Gaim), Firefox window jump to active workspace. Or when I run Firefox which I set to start in workspace 2 with devilspie, it will jump to active workspace too.

After searching the web, I found a solution here. There is a hidden option available in XFCE 4.4.1 called ActivateAction. Following the solution there, I managed to keep Firefox in its workspace. Here is the solution:

Edit ~/.config/xfce4/mcs_settings/wmtweaks.xml
<option name="Xfwm/ActivateAction" type="string" value="none"/>

One more problem solved 🙂

Author: bagus

cross-border commuter

10 thoughts on “Firefox jump to other workspace in XFCE”

  1. value=”none” didn’t work for me, but value=”0″ did work. Maybe it’s obvious to try “0” if “none” doesn’t work though…

    Anyway thanks 🙂

  2. well i am kind of new to linux,the firefox dpesn work on my XFCE, it does not open at all- but when i click the firefox icon again an error window appears what should i do…. pls reply

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